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Mar 4, 2014
Little big details

— Little Big Details finds some nice details in UI designs, which make interaction with machines more human (and sometimes…

Nov 20, 2013
Easy-going: Paul Smith

— I somehow like his down-to-earth, honest and easy way. I wish I could boast the same stressless path of my career,…

Nov 7, 2013
Inside Chanel

— This is a lovely story of one of the most important fashion names, Chanel. As it says at some point in this series of short…

Mar 7, 2012
A debate to follow

— Stylepark, a german platform for architecture and design, host a debate about the future of design – particularly the…

Feb 16, 2012
On designers being picky with clients

— It is one of those things designers and advertisers like to talk about and sometimes try to enforce…

Jan 30, 2012
The search for a design agency business model

— First off: this post is written mostly as a round-up of status quo in the creative industry,…

Jan 23, 2012
Design is good for your business

— It might seem like a late reaction to a very self-conscious statement, however the discussion seems to…

Jan 13, 2012
PressPausePlay, the movie

— While under fresh impression, I have to state, that this one is absolutely inspirational movie to watch. Taking…

Dec 22, 2011
On designer/client relationship

— Apart from being just a good video and some interesting piece of advice (or experience), it comes close to…

Oct 25, 2011
Shape Type – typographic game No. 2

— Another game from Method.ac - Shape Type. It is more complicated than Kern Type, and maybe that makes…

Oct 9, 2011
Kerntype, the game

— This is some serious fun! PS. Here is the author, who didn't think the game will go viral, as it did.

Oct 5, 2011

— Taschen Publishers bring out yet another book about typography – Letterfountains. Certainly, there are some profound works…

Sep 14, 2011
Gert Dumbar:

— "In Holland, we have two words for design. One is vormgeving; in German formgeben. And the other word is ontwerpen; in German…

Sep 2, 2011
What about the cube?

— Three students of Köln International School of Design have asked couple of untrivial designers a trivial question –…

Aug 31, 2011
The art of clean up

— Mr Wehrli is cleaning up a pool party with style! More here.