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Coffee is probably the most admired drinks in the world – in Germany it is surely so. The archetypical development project of the city of Frankfurt, the Europa district, now houses a coffee shop named “Espressionist”. In the true sense of the tradition, from the finest beans to the modern machinery, the shop pursuits just one objective – to brew the best coffee in town.

Bureau Gesamt has actively participated in building an unique identity for the brand. From the brand sign to packaging and the website – our goal was to match the ambitious enterprise with an exemplary symbol. Though the logotype is based on a round figure, the circle is not boring and with some chaotic elements in the background it communicates the idea of repose in the unrestful metropole.

When visiting Frankfurt it makes some sense (and taste) to drop by at “Espressionist” and have a fine cup of coffee.

Logotype & variants

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