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PressPausePlay, the movie

While under fresh impression, I have to state, that this one is absolutely inspirational movie to watch. Taking different perspectives – from artists and producers to managers and everyone in between – the story told is about creating and consuming art in the era of digital everything. Beautifully produced, full of thought-provoking quotes, this is a movie which I would recommend watching to get oneself thinking and inspired of what we are all going through nowadays.

The movie’s site has plenty of information about the cast and look behind the scenes (if also a bit hidden), and the better tool to dig into the content is probably to download the interactive version (which is free). Strangely enough, I haven’t been as excited about something like this for a long time now.

I don’t think […] a young Hitchcock, a young Scorsese – they wouldn’t make it in this business. Slap up their early stuff on Facebook, on Youtube – it would get lost. It gets lost in the ocean of garbage. You are remembering 2007, “Time” magazine gave the award of best person of the year to you, myself. You and I. It’s… it’s global masturbation. Andrew Keen

The invention of the technology to record music defined the music of the 20th century. It all wanted to be recorded. It all wanted to be out there and sold. And that narrowed what music can be. We are entering a period where time, place and occasion are going to be far more important elements of how music is made and how we jointly experience it. Bill Drummond

I think, as an artist you have to accept the unexpected. I think that right now we are not in the world where we can determine or we can pre-determine what we think things are going to be. We are all operating in the dark. We have no clue of what’s going to happen… Hank Shocklee

And here are some sites I was opening while watching the movie:
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